Bachelor #2 or The Remains of the Dodo

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Bachelor #2 or The Remains of the Dodo

Post by Ymaginatif »

I thought some of you might like this: 2 or 3 years ago I recorded my own version of the entire Aimee Mann album - all 14 songs.

It's rough and tumble, but some songs turned out quite nicely. And it's one of my favourite albums (from back in the day when I thought that Aimee Mann was going to be the new (female) Elvis Costello :) )

If you have a few minutes to spare, you can go and check it out here if you like: ... album.html

Let me know what you think ...

PS The Fall Of The World's Own Optimist is not an easy song to sing :)
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Re: Bachelor #2 or The Remains of the Dodo

Post by Sugar Mouse »

Very cool! I'm a huge fan of Aimee Mann. In fact, we just saw Aimee live earlier this year and she was incredible.

In regards to your comment that you had hoped she would become the "female Elvis Costello" ... well, funny you should say that because, to me, she is the female Elvis Costello continuing to release great album after great album.

For those who lost track of her in last few years, two of her recent albums (Smilers and Mental Illness) are near-masterpieces.

And her best albums (Welcome Home, Everything's Different Now, Whatever, Bachelor #2, and The Forgotten Arm) are true masterpieces in melodic song-craft. She's not as prolific as Elvis, but all of her albums are all great to masterpieces.

And thought it would be fun to mention the song "The Other End of The Telescope" (co-written by Elvis and Aimee Mann). I love both Elvis' version and Aimee's version which are posted below.

Does anyone know the story of how "Telescope" was written? I've always wondered how Elvis and Aimee wrote the song. Were there other songs written along with it or was it a one off song?
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