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New User Registration Changes

Post by DrSpooky »

If you have watched the "The newest registered user is XXX" line at the bottom of the screen over the past year, you might have noticed that we get a lot of spam user registrations. These spammers create dummy user accounts on boards hoping some idiot will read their profile and click the link to get rich quick or see some naked person. When we google the account names, we often get 30,000 hits for profiles where this account name has zero posts on thousands of boards.

Some days Spooky and I are now deleting up to 50 spam accounts.

I have added a feature to the user registration process where you now have to enter two words from visual codes. The second one is much harder to read. Both words have to be correct to register.

If this causes anyone attempting to get an account problems, there is a link on the registration page to email the administrator.

Existing users will see no change but this should slow the flood of junk users.

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Post by verbal gymnastics »

Can you send me a link to get rich quick and more of the naked ladies :wink:
Who’s this kid with his mumbo jumbo?
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