Greetings from Sydney

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spooky girlfriend
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Greetings from Sydney

Postby spooky girlfriend » Thu Jun 17, 2004 5:20 pm

Boo sends this wonderful picture - isn't it breathtaking?


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Postby migdd » Thu Jun 17, 2004 7:45 pm

Very cool, Boo and Spooky!!

My kids are staring at the photo at this very moment, marveling at the beautiful city where Nemo had his greatest adventure!

Thanks for sharing this!

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Postby bambooneedle » Sat Jun 19, 2004 7:31 pm

Thank you both for the compliments, and Spooky for posting it. I could have gotten the Opera House (between pylons) from
right at the top but thought this height provided a better overall shot, which would be impossible since they fitted the
plate glass windows. I was lucky to get the ferry coming in, too. The entrance to the harbour is from the left.

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