Less Than Zero parody political

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Less Than Zero parody political

Postby surfezas » Sat Sep 14, 2019 1:58 pm

As a HUGE EC fan living in SoCal, you couldn't call it unexpected if I was to suggest that I have a kinda liberal point of view. Parodied "Less Than Zero" into "(donald trump is) Less Than Zero". My writing has been called really good, though the only thing worse than my guitar playing is my voice; apologies, though it's the only voice I have & my singer/guitarist wasn't available, so... youtube url is https://youtu.be/dFp3EVfb0mI

Would appreciate feedback, preferably the positive kind!

If anyone is into that sort of political parody, I did Jane's Addiction "Jane Say" into "trump says (trump lies)". That youtube url is https://youtu.be/gDoIi0KB1l8. Only reason this vid sounds SO much better is that I only wrote it & my singer/guitarist recorded it!


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